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THE JAMES GANG (Teresa, Jeff, Elijah, Ethan, Olivia, Caitlin And LapsFull of Dachshunds) -Brent, Alabama  
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THJamesGang. SPOILED TO PERFECTION DACHSHUNDS We love our Dachshunds. They are a big part of our family. Their health and well-being is very important to us. We are striving to produce puppies that are 
 Beautiful, Healthy, Happy, Dachshunds that meet breed standards for conformation and temperament.
  ALL Pups are Limited AKC Registration unless Breeding/Show Full Rights have been purchased. (This is an additional amount added to pet pricing).

LITTER BORN______________________DAM____________________SIRE_______________________
MALE/ FEMALE LONG/SHORT COLOR_______________MICROCHIP_________$__________ Note:____________________________________________________________________________________  
PET PRICE $____________ ______ _AKC PET REG_ ___ __AKC/FULL REG ______  
ADD BREED/FULL $__ ______
DEPOSIT RECEIVED__$_____________DATE__________BALANCE ON PICKUP ____$___________
Sales Policy-A minimum non-refundable deposit of $150.00-300.00 is required to hold a puppy. Please be aware that others may be looking at the same puppy you are interested in. We will reserve the puppy for the first person who gives us a deposit. A deposit will only be refunded if the puppy has an unforeseen problem or defect. The balance is due by time puppy is 8 weeks old. If not paid by this time, the puppy is subject to being sold to another buyer, and the deposit is forfeited. No puppy will be permitted to leave our home until all payments have been made. NO EXCEPTIONS. Cash/Money Order is required for all payments. 
Pups not picked up by 10 weeks will be charged 15.00 per day boarding fee…  
IMPORTANT SCHEDULES-------------------------
Your New Dachshund needs 3-4 rounds of initial puppy vaccinations followed by revaccinations to prevent diseases.
Your New Dachshund needs Monthly Heartwormer, A Rabies Vaccine, Ask your Vet’s recommendation on kennel cough.
 VACCINATIONS 1ST_______ 2ND ________ 3RD ________ 4TH ______ NEEDS RABIES (12WKS)_______
WORMING DATES _______ _______ _______ _______ _______ HEARTWORMER ___1YR VACCINES
PRODUCTS USED__SEE HEALTH RECORD PROVIDED)_____________________________________________
  This puppy/dog is in good physical health and free from communicable disease, as it appears to the eye, at the time of leaving the breeder’s home. The breeder guarantees this puppy/dog against known hereditary congenital life threatening genetic defects for a period of 6 months of age. This agreement does not cover internal or external parasites, ringworm, coccidiosis, unseen communicable disease, or common hernias, buyer has 3 days to have this puppy/dog seen by a veterinarian. If Buyer chooses not to have this puppy/dog examined by a licensed veterinarian, they accept this puppy/dog “as is” at the time of sale. In the event that a life threatening genetic health disorder renders this puppy/dog unsuitable as a companion animal, the buyer will surrender the dachshund with signed Registration papers (if applicable) to the breeder, who will replace the original purchase (NO CASH REFUNDS). A request for replacement must be accompanied by verification of disease or defect by a qualified veterinarian. The Breeder may request a second opinion to confirm the defect/disease. Replacement to be breeder’s choice of puppies on hand or expected litters within one year. Replacement shall be of the same sex and coat type. All expenses and veterinarian costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer and are non-refundable. The buyer agrees to provide proper housing and care, quality nutrition, scheduled vaccinations /dewormings and veterinary care as needed. Any evidence of neglect or abuse will void this contract. THIS PUPPY CANNOT BE RESOLD TO A PET SHOP/PUPPY BROKER OR BREEDER. If the buyer can no longer care for this puppy/dog, the breeder should be notified so a suitable home may be found. Puppy/dog may be returned to the breeder for placement, no refund will be given.
If not provided upon pickup, the breeder will mail Registration Papers when payment is received if applicable... 
The breeder can not guarantee size, show quality, or breeding/training ability of this puppy/dog. Spaying/neutering of pets is strongly recommended. Breeder assumes no responsibility for the puppy/dog after leaving the premises regarding medical expenses or otherwise incurred by the buyer on behalf of this canine without written approval from Teresa James. The breeder neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees other than those written in this agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the breeder and buyer with legal respect. Should there be any disagreements or discrepancies, they must be handled in the state of Alabama and the County of Bibb.
This is a binding contract in the State of Alabama. We, the undersigned, agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. Buyer’s signature indicates that he/she has read, agrees, and does understand all the conditions set forth in this contract and agrees with the sales agreement.
SIGNATURE OF BUYER/PURCHASER__________________________________________________DATE__________________
SIGNATURE OF SELLER______________________________________________________________DATE__________________

To help transition into new home… Current food has been provided…introducing treats first few days may cause diarrhea. Not uncommon for pup to not eat the next day because of the transition away from mother/littermates. …it helps if pup is not left alone at night the first few nights… they are NOT used to being alone…if they get very upset…they will get diarrhea. ___________ ___________